Let's Talk About NJ Gov. McGreevey

Yesterday New Jersey's Democrat Governor James McGreevey, a Catholic married father of two, announced in a news conference that he was stepping down as New Jersey's governor because he had cheated on his wife - with a man.

"Shamefully, I engaged in adult consensual affairs with another man, which violates my bonds of matrimony."

Sources close to the governor say the affair was with Golan Cipel, an Israeli poet who surprisingly got a position on the governor's staff as homeland security advisor even though he had no qualifications for the post. It's been a mystery to many for some time how Cipel managed to receive such a large appointment, but the governor found a way to work it in. Cipel had resigned and is said to be the source of a sexual harassment charge looming against McGreevey.

"My truth is that I am a gay American."

Fishing for solidarity, McGreevey invokes the politically-correct hyphenated term for homosexuals. Not content to stand on the single fact that he is guilty of breaking his marriage vows, he turns the scandal into an "coming out" event.

OK, here's where McGreevey bends New Jersey citizens over and screws them hard: he made his resignation effective November 15th. In New Jersey, if the governor resigns 60 days before an election, New Jersey holds a special election to choose a new governor, one chosen obviously by the people of New Jersey. In this case, Senate President Richard Codey, also a Democrat, will become acting governor and serve out the remainder of McGreevey's term, which doesn't end until 2006. There's alot of scandal swirling around McGreevey, the surface has only been scratched. But do the people of his state get a voice? No! You know why? Because the Democratic Party knows if McGreevey resigned effective immediately, which would actually be the right thing to do, there's a good chance the post would go to a Republican.

One New Jersey citizen lamented the resignation. "It's a shame," said Jim Nerney, of Middletown. "He brought a lot of passion to the governor's office ..."


Young man Attempts Robbery Using Avon Cologne Bottle

An young man pointed what looked like a gun at the face of an Alabama man in his backyard and demanded money. The man dove behind a cherry tree while his wife called the police. When police rounded the brat up, they discovered his 'gun' was only a old Avon cologne bottle.

The motive? he wanted to buy a game he didn't have enough for. (Whatever happened to boys that age going around mowing some lawns or cleaning out garages for extra cash? I feel old.)

The brat claims he got the idea from watching TV or www.jasminlive.mobi website. No, really?

(Footnote: I don't blame the man for diving behind the tree .. have you ever smelled that particular cologne?)

Interesting ... well, at least to me

I was over at Wizbang since, you know, he has a great site, and he is setting up an ABOUT page. Hmm. Got me to thinking about how long I've been blogging ...

I had to go back a little - my first blog was hosted on Geocities (still there!). I setup shop as A Little More To The Right in September 2002, but I began blogging in January of 2002. Wow. Over two and a half years of bringing you folks my opinionated and sometimes warped view on things.

I'm torn on whether I should post a Livejasmin picture of myself. I used to have one up, but discarded it out of modesty. Besides, I don't want you wacko liberals recognizing me at the mall and coming up to me.

Kerry Pledges To Aid Struggling Families

Tuning in to Kerry stumping on the campaign trail ...

"There's some people working two or three jobs, trying to make ends meet, put food on the table, that's what this fight is about." (Kerry)

So Kerry's would not repeal the Bush tax cuts that have been giving us more of our money back? Don't be fooled. That's the first thing he'd do - just not sure if he'd do it before his first hundred days or after. He's already committed his first hundred days to touring Europe(to rebuild 'broken alliances'). Kerry says he'd only cut the tax break on those earning over $200,000 a year. Here's the problem: (1) it's small business owners, coincidentally making over 200,000 a year, who provide jobs for alot of people; (2) Kerry's record shows he is a man of tax hikes, not breaks. In a moment of shameless hypocrisy, Kerry accused the President of having a bad record. "The president doesn't have a record to run on, but a record to run from." (Kerry) Interestingly, that statement precisely describes John F Kerry. It is Kerry who has made his Chaturbate service in Viet Nam the main issue, rather than pointing to his long career in Washington as his evidence. He knows if he does emphasize his record, it will testify against him. He is Washington's most liberal senator, more than Hillary Clinton, more than Teddy Kennedy.

But back to the campaign trail ... so, how would John Kerry 'help' struggling families by repealing Bush's tax cuts? Let him tell you: Repeating a frequent criticism of the president's economic policies, Kerry said he would withdraw tax cuts given to the richest 2 percent of the nation and funnel more money into health care and education. Play on words; he would repeal tax cuts and funnel the money into bigger government programs. Again, the driving philosophy in today's Democratic party is we American's can't spend our money as well as Washington, under Democratic leadership, could spend it. Here's a leading voice in the party, Sen. Hillary Clinton: "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." She said it plainly enough, but did you catch the very important tell in her statement? "Common good" is straight out of Karl Marx dogma, and evoking phrases like this only reveal who they truly are. Kerry wouldn't actually give you money back, but he would spend your money for you to increase the size of government programs.

The Good Book says we would know people by their 'fruits', or actions. So the best thing to do with Senator John Forbes Kerry is to let his record tell us who he is.

European Group To Moniter US Prez Elections

Ever heard of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe? You will.

The State Department has invited observers from the OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights to moniter the presidential election this year.

My hairy white ass! We don't need your riech, Fraulein. What in God's name are the Democrats doing? Can it be any more patently obvious that the Left is trying their hardest to hand over US sovereignty to global institutions?

As usual, Democrats run to the UN for guidance. Annan was at least smart enought to know he didn't want to step into the latest festering pile of stinking crap from the ever-irrelevant liberals. The only question remaining is what in the world is going on with Colin Powell?

You doubt that's the liberal agenda? Look at these comments:

That is complete and utter excrement. We are not a third-world country. We do not have moniters as though this were Sudan or Iraq. We are the United States, the one country that reaches out to assist, help, protect, and save countries around the globe.

I'm seriously going to lose my cool. You Democrats need to get your heads out of your asses. The United States of America is a beacon of hope and liberty to the world, not a ravaged country whose only hope for fairness in government elections is the presence of international monitors. Barbara Lee and a host of liberals like her are obviously too stupid to breathe if she continues to harp on the 2000 elections. Our election system worked in 2000, just like it has worked for the past 200 years. The big difference is Al Gore tried to wrestle the title out of Bush's hands by running to the courts. Face it, Bush won in 2000 legitimately. Close, yes, but a win none the same. And the last thing we need is a group of snooty arrogant Europeans sniffing around Washington.