Hiroshima's Mayor Critical Of US Nukes

The mayor of Hiroshima Japan, the city that went down in infamy as being leveled by a nuclear blast in 1945, lashed out at the Bush Administration for it's pursuit of next-generation tactical nulear devices. He spoke at an anniversary ceremony marking the date and time of the explosion that killed 160,000 people.

I can understand his sentiment and bitterness over so many dying. But it seems context is important here. (1) The atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 were the first of their kind. Bigger and better bombs were being built by all countries during WWII, we just got there first. (2) Japan dragged us into the fight, we didn't attack them. Does anyone remember the events in Pearl Harbor?

"I fear that we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve" ~ Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Empire of Japan, December 7th 1941.

Yes, Japan, you did awaken a "sleeping giant". Yes Japan, you did "fill him with a terrible resolve" ... terrible for you, terrible in that America resolved to end the fight you started.

Can you see the the marked similarities to today's fight? December 1941 - September 2001. Just like before, we will see this fight through to the end, we will defeat our enemy, we will not fail.