Liberal Women - There's Hope!

A website has been launched called Marry An American -- bighearted Canadian men are willing to marry American liberal feminist/tree-hugger/wacko/Janeane Garafolo fans in order to save them from "four more years of cowboy conservatism."

So don't just sit there and sulk. Don't wander the streets looking for solace in rallies and marches. You don't have to take it! George W. Bush is a second-term president and you can't handle four more years of his cowboy ways! Go to marryanamerican website and you could be on your way to the Great White North, complete with a new husband to go oot & aboot with! There's millions of trees to hug in Canada! The environment isn't marred with oil wells! They even have socialist healthcare!!! So what are you waiting for?!

Take off!

Overthrow King Bush

The Left is coming out of it's shock over the re-election of George W Bush. And they're coming out in their usual inflammatory ad hominem way. In San Francisco (of course) they're doing what wacko liberals default to - marching in the streets.

Why are today's liberals unable to form an original thought? Instead of looking for new ways to get their ideas across, they resort to the methods used in the 1960s by their professors and older generation socialists. These are the 'leaders' who have spent their entire lives trying to validate their anti-war VietNam-era antics. And young socialists today have attached to them like remora to a shark.

What does that really truly mean? C'mon, wake up and smell the coffee, you people on the left are so far out of touch it's not even funny. Bush is as compromising as anyone can be. He's far more conciliatory than any Democrat politicians. The first 9 months of his presidency he spent reaching out to Democrats, who made a routine of biting his hand and attacking him in the media.

And what's with this complaint that Bush's victory wasn't all that great? In 1996, Clinton beat Dole by a wide electoral margin, but failed to break the magic 50% mark.

What's good for the goose ... you people obviously went looking for a "clear mandate" in 1996 with Clinton's reelection, but want to deny Bush's. And just like Clinton experienced in 1996, Bush improved on his popular votes - only more vastly this time. And Bush broke through the 'magic 50%' mark. And Bush's coattails weren't short like Clinton's, many Republicans were reelected and even gained many seats formerly occupied by Democrats.

The point is simple. The Left go about it all wrong. They rant and scream, they march in the streets, they demand people not only listen to them but also conform to their ideals. If they tried to openly discuss and debate the issues it would be different. But this constant pressure and force, both by browbeating and physical acts, that they employ to try to capitulate their opposition with is tired already. You Democrats want validation? Tell your 60s throwbacks to go pound sand, then re-enter the arena of ideas with a fresh face - ready to intelligently discuss issues. And keep in mind that a discussion is two-sided, not one-way.