Alan Keyes Storms Into Illinois

With the demise of Jack Ryan's political promise over his damaging divorce information and the DNC popularity of Barack Obama, the Republican ticket looked impotent in Illinois. Not anymore.

Alan Keyes has been selected as the GOP nominee to run for the senate seat. He charged on stage Sunday and thanked the Illinois crowd, which returned a louder "thank YOU", given that they finally have a representative to run for them.

If you follow the link to the story in the Chicago Sun Times, you find it dripping with anti-conservative bias. I'm not surprised, but I am getting tired of it. Here's an example:

Keyes stirred the crowd of party faithful, anti-abortion activists and homeschoolers with a speech that started with media-bashing and hit strong on the issues where he considers Democratic challenger Barack Obama vulnerable: gun rights and abortion.

The adjectives used to describe the crowd of Republicans is spat out onto the page like offensive words; "anti-abortion activists", "homeschoolers". Assumption - if you are conservative and believe abortion kills human babies, you are automatically an 'anti-abortion activist'; if you are conservative, you must be a 'homeschooler', a term the Left uses to pigeon-hole and degrade families with conservative values. It isn't the word, but how it's used, that clearly conveys their contempt. Next, look at how they describe Keyes' opening speech - he launched into "media-bashing" and hit strong on Obama's 'vulnerable' issues, note that it doesn't describe him as establishing his stand, just that he 'attacked' the media and his Democrat opponent.

The article later points out that Obama welcomed Keyes into the race invited him to a campaign free from attacks. Meaning, don't attack Obama, and don't expect the Democrats to play by the rules. Already the Left is lining up with vitriol against Keyes.

Liberals love using terms to the most escalated version. Durbin could have referred to the occassion as the Illinois Republican Party having to go out of state to find a candidate worthy of competing against Obama, instead they were "hijacked" by a "desperate" and "extreme base". Hijacked? Desperate? Extreme? Come on Alan, let's have a clean campaign free from attacks ... riiiight.